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From Trauma to global recognition

Innovation Through Trauma

Marlize Holtzhausen founded 911 Rapid Response after her family was brutally attacked. Help finally arrived but it was too late. Determined that other people should not have to go through the ordeal that her family did, she created an app that turns your cellphone into live a mobile panic button.

Her passion and determination to bring her idea to life took her all the way to Switzerland to compete in Google’s prestigious Google Fest, Global Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Global Recognition

911 Rapid Response was the winner of Google’s Global Award for Innovation.

Neurocentric research

Our original logo was inspired by the brain’s response to different emotions.

Different areas of the brain respond to different emotions and unique shapes light up.  

We have since evovled and adopted a modern look and feel.  Our systems design and engineering decisions and still revolves around neurological actions and responses in case of emergencies.

Comfort in need

The goal of Response24 is to take you from a state of anxiety when you are in danger to a more relaxed state knowing that help will be on its way with just the touch of a button.

Our Partners

We integrate with multiple business partners to enable timeous response to our customers in the global village

Our team

Ours is a dynamic team that embraces the concept of creating a safer environment through the innovative use of technology

Marlize Hotlzhausen an entrepreneur and founder of 911 Rapid Response mobile application.

After a very traumatic experience in 2010, where Marlize’s sister was brutally attacked, kidnapped and raped, she decided to help prevent this from happening again.

With 15 years mobile technology and communication experience, she was determined to build a solution that could prevent similar traumatic experiences for victims of crime. Though her experience she is driven to give you a voice when you can’t speak for yourself, reduce communication barriers when in need and empowers first responders and family members to help you. Through a mobile application solution her company manages to stop a crime from escalating by offering people a panic button that summons emergency responders to a victims' exact location speedily.

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