Business Partner Portal

API Business Offering

Native Application

Our Native application is distributed free of charge.  The application integrates with our backend servers which can be configured to use specific integration partners per geographic region.  This package supports selected API integration only.

Response Center Integration

Integration into the callcentre allows the application to communicate with the business customer's call centre through the API. 


Transaction detail is available through the API interface providing the client the ability to create reconciliation reports.

Unique transaction references allow for end-to-end reconciliation.

Basic Payment Facilitation

We charge the customer for the use of our application, while your internal billing system and processes maintain the relationship with your customer. 

Business Partner Offering

License Blocks

You can acquire bulk licenses which you can sell to your existing markets and clients.

Extended Charging Module

Our charging platform allows you to create a subscription, or request an ad-hoc charge from your customer.  Our notification and reconciliation procedures ensures end to end financial transaction reconciliation.

Application White Labelling

Customize your application and integrate into other business partners through our customer portal.  We can facilitate and assit in customizing the look and feel of the mobile application to represent your brand and business.  All this without removing any of the built-in roaming services capability.

Configurable Service Providers

Create and contract different service providers to respond in the event of an alert.  Our standardised message subsystem updates the lifecycle of alerts. Notifications to external systems can be configured through our client portal.

SLA's and Customer Integration

Measure and monitor  service delivery levels by extracting monthly reports on the transaction lifecycle events.  Create exceptions and notifications for alerts and events.

Client Portal

End to end business, service and customer management through our online portal.