911Response24 is the app that connects you to emergency services when you need them most. Here’s everything you need to know about the app that helps you access rapid, reliable emergency services at the touch of a button.

There’s a powerful story behind the company

Marlize Holtzhausen founded the company after her sister was kidnapped and help arrived too late to prevent her brutal attack. Determined that no other family should go through the same trauma, Marlize started building an app that turns your smartphone into a live mobile panic button, putting the power back in the hands of the victim.

Marlize wants South Africans to know that 911Response24 is dedicated to “giving everyday South Africans the security of knowing that in an emergency, they carry the power in their pockets to make every second count in their favour.”

911Response24 gives you the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are in South Africa, whatever you’re doing, if you have an emergency, help is on the way.

It provides an incredible service

When you trigger an emergency, 911Response24 automatically shares your GPS co-ordinates with the closest armed response and medical emergency service providers, making sure that you get help fast – even if you can’t talk or don’t know where you are. Your friends and family are also notified about your situation and can track the emergency responders to your locations.

It’s really affordable and easy to use

Watch this video to see the app in action:

Access to this life-changing service costs just R59,99 a month. Click here to download 911Response24 for Android, or click here to download 911Response24 for iOS.

It could save your life

The average emergency service response time in South Africa is over 11 minutes. Think about how much can change in 11 minutes. With Response 24, that reaction time is cut to just 1 minute before help will be on its way to your emergency. It’s no wonder that it’s already made South Africa proud by winning Google’s 2014 PitchFest in Zurich.

It has world-class partners

You might be wondering how 911Response24 has managed to cut down emergency response times so drastically. Their innovative technology combined with their massive partner network is what makes this possible.

  • They’ve partnered with Bidvest Protea Coin and 160 other armed response companies so that help is always at hand, wherever you are in South Africa.
  • ER24 delivers medical response services whenever you need them
  • Caxton CTP Publishers & Printers has taken a significant stake in 911Response24, providing invaluable financial and strategic support

To arrange an interview with Marlize, or to find out more about 911Response24 or if your security company would like to be a responder in your area, contact 010 312 5026.