Security Application End User Agreement (EULA)

This Mobile Application End User Agreement (“Agreement”) is a binding agreement between you (“you”) - the user (“User”) - and your security service provider whose logos and details are displayed on the Application (“Your Security Provider”). This Agreement governs your use of the 911 Rapid Response application (the “Application” which is white labelled and authorised for reselling to Your Security Provider) on your mobile device (“Mobile Devices”; either Android or IOS), including all documentation related to the Application.

The Application is licensed, not sold, to you. By downloading, installing, accessing and/or using the Application and/or subscribing to or otherwise using the services provided by Your Security Provider, you (a) acknowledge that you have read and understand this agreement; (b) represent that you are legally entitled to enter into a binding agreement; and (c) accept this agreement and agree that you are legally bound by its terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not download, install or use the Application and delete it from your Mobile Device.  

The Application has specifically been developed for the use with certain Mobile Devices that incorporate GPS (global positioning facility). It is therefore assumed that you (a) understand the functionality and restrictions of your Mobile Device and (b) understand and are bound by any other terms and conditions that exist when using your Mobile Device and any networks that may provide services to your Mobile Device.  

Your right to use the Application may be revoked at any time and you will have no claim against anybody in such event, nor will you dispute the legality of such actions or question the facts that lead to such a decision.  

Your Security Provider may amend this Agreement at any time. All amended terms will be effective automatically and immediately upon the publication of the revised Agreement, and any subsequent activity in relation to the Application will be governed by such amended Agreement. This Agreement was last revised on 27 July 2021.


  • Mobile Device owned or otherwise controlled by you, Your Security Provider will aim to assist you by providing services (the “Services”) to you by implementing Your Security Provider’s then prevailing protocols (“Protocols”) relating to alerts.
  • In all events, the scope of the Services will be subject to the Protocols. The Protocols will be as determined by Your Security Provider from time to time by its discretion and will include some or all of the following:
  1. attempt to contact you telephonically to ascertain the nature of your alert and the assistance required by you,
  2. detecting your location via your Mobile Device,
  3. alerting emergency services of your location and of your alert,
  4. relaying medical information provided by you, if any, to emergency medical service providers and 
  5. notifying your nominated next of kin of your alert.
  • The Services will be conditional upon this Agreement, including your activating the Services, your complying with such conditions for such activation as Your Security Provider may stipulate from time to time, you paying such fees, charges and/or subscriptions (“Subscriptions”) as Your Security Provider may determine from time to time and you furnishing Your Security Provider with such information as it may require from time to time. This service will only work in areas that have assigned security and medical emergency first responders.
  • This service is not meant to replace health and other professionals working and relating to family violence, disputes, and or gender-based violence issues. Should you press the assistance button for the above and related issues you will be referred to social services, the South African Police Service, or whoever you designated in your application form to assist you during emergencies. Armed response is in general not trained or equipped to deal with these issues and thus will not get involved in them or in civil disputes either. Neither 911 Response24 nor your Security Provider accepts any responsibility for any act or omission on their side in this regard.


Visiting our website or using the Application, sending us emails, and completing online forms constitute electronic communications. You consent to receive electronic communications, and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications we provide to you electronically, via email, satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing. You hereby agree to the use of electronic signatures, contracts, orders, and other records, and to electronic delivery of notices, policies, and records of transactions initiated or completed by us or via the Application.

You hereby waive any rights or requirements under any statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances, or other laws in any jurisdiction which require an original signature or delivery or retention of non-electronic records, or to payments or the granting of credits by any means other than electronic means.

Information that must be provided by Your Security Provider to you in compliance with Section 43 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (as amended) is available from Your Security Provider on request. You are advised to regularly check with them in terms of Service for any amendments or updates.

Description of products and/or services offered: Mobile Medical and Security Response App
supported by 911 Response24.

Manner of payment for products and/or services offered: monthly through Your Security Provider.

In any conflict between the provisions of this agreement and the content of the website, the provisions set out herein shall prevail.

This App is supported and the technology owned by 911 Response24. The following contains further information on Response24 and represents the information that must be provided by Response24 to you in compliance with Section 43 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (as amended). You are advised to regularly check this section of the terms of Service for any amendments or updates.

Telephone Number : 010 312 5026
E-mail Address : info@response24.co.za
Address: https://response24.co.za


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