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Download the Safety you deserve

Our service saves lives
At Response24 we are on a relentless journey to provide seamless solutions to the individual, families and organization’s to ensure their safety and security. In our business your life is our concern. That is why we are committed to provide a modern response to current problems.

At the press of a button on your mobile device, Response24 will notify Medical responders to attend to you in your time of need. 

Security and peace of mind

Download the Rapido app now


R 399 per year
  • 5 user family license
  • Get medical support at the press of a button

  • Unlimited tracking of friends
  • Unlimited in-app chats
  • Send SMS to friends/family when in emergency

Request for help

With the click of a button 

Medical Alert

Medical Alert when you need it most

We integrate with ER24 locally in South Africa, and your request for medical assistance will route your request to a central control room.  Your location will be known to the medical staff and assistance will be sent to you from the nearest medical facility.

Coming soon: Armed Response

Armed response at the click of a button

Armed personnel and a response vehicle will dispatched to you when your safety is threatened.

*Armed response is available at an additional fee that will give you access to four emergency call-outs at nationwide.

Response Members

Notify your Friends and family

Nothing is as comforing as knowing that your friends and family are aware of your moment of distress.  Your group of friends, or response members as we call it, will immediately receive an SMS with your exact location.  

Here I Am

Drive to me

Your GPS co-ordinates will lead all parties responding, directly to you.  If you are moved to a medical facility before your friends and family reach you, they will see in app that you are being moved and can follow you to where you are going.

Your location is recorded and shared

Location Tracking

Removing the burden to communicate your whereabouts

In the event of an emergency, your location is shared with emergency personnel and your elected response members.

Your GPS co-ordinates are recorded and sent to all response members and emergency personnel.  

You can also see the location of friends that are responding to your call for assistance, providing comfort in the knowledge that your call for help has been heard.

Integrated Service Providers

Eyes when you can't see

We come to you

You do not need to know the numbers or location of your nearest police or hospital

independent service providers are notified immediately when you request support.  

Integration into central call centres immediately identifies the closest hospital or emergency response station, from where help will be dispatched to you.

Know the whereabouts of your friends and family

Unlimited friends

Add Friends

Monitor the whereabouts of your friends and family through the in-app monitoring and viewing capability.

In-App Chat

Talk to your friends

Talk to your friends and family from within the application.  Our in-app chat allows you to talk to friends and family without having to switch to another application.  This is especially imortant in the event of an emergency, as the location of your response member can be seen while you are chatting to him or her.

Response Members

Notify your response members   

Response members are notified in the case of an emergency, and provides immediate comfort when you need it most.


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Phone:  +27 21 516-0011


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