Introducing the Response24
Software as a Service Platform

Response24 is a market leader in response software solutions, providing a comprehensive platform for on-demand services and instant resource delivery. Accessible any time, any where, and on any device, the advanced monitoring and enhanced response capabilities ensure highly efficient response management.

Response24 - leaders in SaaS Response Platforms and Ecosystems

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Response24 provides an all-in-one solution for internal and external response operations, eliminating the need for fragmented tools and systems.

Unique Innovative Patented IP

Boasting innovative patents, ​Response24's solution is a market leader with its technology setting new standards in the industry.

Real-time Visibility

Experience real-time insights that enable informed decision-making and swift action. Elevate visibility from internal responses to encompass all external third-party response service providers through a unified interface solution.

Industry & Technology Agnostic

The ​Response24 Platform is technology-agnostic, enabling seamless end-to-end integration across various systems and technologies.

Streamlined Operations

Optimise response processes, reduce incident resolution times and improve overall efficiency, with a non-invasive solution that fits with existing or legacy infrastructure.

Redefining Response Collaboration

By redefining response collaboration, ​the ​Response24 solution empowers disruptive competition in the market.

Scalability & Customisation

Highly customisable and scalable, the platform caters to the unique needs of various service and response industries and organisations.

Travel Risk Management

The innovative Journey Management module empowers organisations to efficiently and securely manage high-risk business travel across borders.

White Label & Reseller Integration

Create multiple revenue streams using a single service or alert type – any service, across industry, anywhere – and expand your response radius globally.
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Competitive Advantage

Seamlessly facilitate responses across diverse service-driven industries, spanning various devices with unparalleled efficiency.


Achieve a cohesive and streamlined response with a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end solution. 

Innovation through Trauma

When Marlize Holtzhausen’s sister was kidnapped, help arrived too late to prevent her brutal attack and rape. Determined that no other family should go through the same trauma, Marlize built an app that turns your cellphone into a live mobile panic button, putting the power back in the hands of the victim.

Global Recognition

Marlize’s passion and determination took her all the way to Switzerland to compete in Google’s prestigious Google Fest, where she won the Global Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Marlize was also named as the Tech Entrepreneur of the Year at the AWIEF 2020 Awards.

Microsoft Award

Response24 was awarded first prize in Microsoft’s ICT category as Most Innovative, and Most Scalable solution,  highlighting its pioneering approach and innovation – aligning seamlessly with Microsoft and the International Labour Organisation's high standards.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with leading security service providers, ​Response24 specialises in emergency response, critical infrastructure & facility management (including mobile cell tower response), and global high-risk travel & journey management services offering corporate travel management and executive protection services.


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